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Information about POBR

Setting up the POBR

data publikacji: 26 sierpnia 2020

The concept of Polish Road Safety Observatory was developed in 2006 by Motor Transport Institute commissioned by then Ministry of Transport and Construction. The realization of the concept was done by the representatives of majority of institutions which collect and analyze road safety data.

Polish Road Safety Observatory Database

data publikacji: 1 czerwca 2020

Our website provides database on road accidents which occurred since 2010 (Source: Police Database SEWIK). Depending on specific needs, you can obtain data referring to Poland as a whole country or to a specific voivodeship, county, municipality or city.

Data Warehouse

data publikacji: 1 grudnia 2014

Polish Road Safety Observatory manages data warehouse, which collects data on road accidents and collisions (Source: Police Database SEWIK), statistical data on number of inhabitants, area, number of vehicles, road length (source: GUS – Central Statistical Office of Poland), data on the level of traffic volume on national and voivodeship roads (Source: General Traffic Measurement done by General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways), and data about drivers (Source: CEPiK – Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers).

Road Safety Situation - reports, charts, tables

data publikacji: 1 października 2013

Polish Road Safety Observatory website publishes data on road accidents, not only in the form of ready-made thematic reports, but also in the form of ready-made tables, graphs and maps.

Accident Map

data publikacji: 27 września 2013

POBR Portal provides the Map of road accidents showing their location in selected areas and with adequate zoom places on the roads where accidents happened (Source: Police Database SEWIK - Accident and Collision Register). Depending on individual needs, you can get information for the whole of Poland, individual voivodships, counties, municipalities and cities. It is also possible to display detailed information about individual accidents.

Road Safety Problems

data publikacji: 26 września 2013

Polish Road Safety Observatory website presents up-to-date state of knowledge about the most important road safety issues, such as drink driving, young drivers as a high-risk group, risks to pedestrians and the elderly, etc.