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Polish Road Safety Observatory Database

date of publication: 1 czerwca 2020

Polish Road Safety Observatory Database

Our website provides database on road accidents which occurred since 2010 (Source: Police Database SEWIK). Depending on specific needs, you can obtain data referring to Poland as a whole country or to a specific voivodeship, county, municipality or city.

Road accidents database available on POBR portal is integrated with the accident map. By opening the full version of the accident map you have the possibility to obtain figures related to a particular group of road accidents. To determine the parameters of an analysed group of accidents you have to use a filter which allows formulating the queries. Having selected the appropriate group of accidents, three different lists of figures can be obtained:


  • information about the area, including data on surface, population, number of vehicles and road length for the selected area, and main indicators characterizing that area (e.g. risk indicator or car ownership indicator),
  • data on road accidents and their victims,
  • comparison of data for the selected area with other areas of this category (e.g. for other counties in the same voivodeship).

The figures are supplemented with a map that illustrates the distribution of accidents in the analysed area.