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Purpose and scope of POBR activities

date of publication: 3 października 2017

The main objective of Polish Road Safety Observatory (POBR) is to contribute to the reduction in the number of road casualties in Poland. POBR will provide information about risks on Polish roads and disseminate knowledge concerning road safety.

The overall objective of Polish Road Safety Observatory (POBR) is to significantly reduce the number of road accident victims in Poland. To achieve this goal it is important to provide information about the threats on Polish roads and disseminate knowledge concerning road safety.

A reliable database of road accidents is essential to identify major problems connected with road safety. It is also a starting point for the planning of preventive actions and the source of information in the evaluation process of implemented projects. The accuracy of decisions and the improvement of road safety situation largely depend on the scope and quality of gathered data and conducted analyses.


Motor Transport Institute established Polish Road Safety Observatory (POBR) according to the recommendations of the National Road Safety Programme GAMBIT 2005-2007-2013 and the assumptions of the European Projects SafetyNet and Dacota. This task was carried out in 2010-2014 within the framework of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E). POBR computer system consists of two parts: data warehouse (HD) and information portal (www.obserwatoriumbrd.pl).


The basic tasks of Polish Road Safety Observatory are as follows:

· disseminating knowledge about best practices (procedures for data collection, analyses, undertaken actions, evaluation of the results),

· sharing data and information with members of the Polish government at all levels, with professionals and the public as well,
· data collection (monitoring and verification),
· preparation of analyses and research and their publication on the Observatory website,
· evaluation of programmes and activities implemented, cooperation with Regional Road Safety Observatories, Regional Training Centres for Drivers (WORD-s) and other national institutions,
· cooperation with the European database (CARE) and the European Commission DG MOVE.


The collected data and information are intended for:

· state and local authorities,

· road managers at all levels,
· specialists representing different disciplines: designers, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, police officers, students, etc.,
· media, general public / representatives of local communities,
· international institutions: IRTAD, ETSC, CARE.