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Interactive Map and Database

date of publication: 11 maja 2020

The Portal provides the interactive map of road accidents together with accident and statistical data. The Map is equipped with filtering mechanism enabling to obtain selected data on road accidents through Poland since 2010, as well as basic indicators needed for road safety analysis. It is also possible to display detailed information about individual accidents. When you click the accident symbol, the data field expands. To information from the map is added numerical data in tabular form (there is a possibility to download them in various formats for further analysis).

The interactive map is showing the location of accident in selected area and with adequate zoom, places on the roads where accidents happened. By indicating the symbol of a particular accident on the map, you receive information about the time and place of the accident (alongside with geographical coordinates), its type, participants, and casualties (with the type of ). There is a possibility to select on the map specific group of accidents, which will be shown on the map. To create a query, by using filter, you specify the criteria for selecting a group of accidents. In the filter you can choose:
  • location of the accident: voivodship, country, municipality, city,
  • time of accident (year, month, day, hour or period of time),
  • type of accident (collision of vehicles, hitting a pedestrian, hitting other objects on the road along with a detailed  selection of those objects, others),
  • light conditions (day, night) at the time of accident,
  • location of the accident, including:
a) area (built up area / non built up area),
b) characterization of the place on the road, where the accident occurred,
c) information if the place of the accident was at the junction or not at the junction,
d) information if the place of the accident was equipped with traffic lights,
e) information about the road’ s category and number (only for national roads and voivodships roads), 
  • information about participants of accident, including: 
a) type (driver/ rider, passenger, pedestrian),
b) age (according to the age group or select freely),
c) gender,
d) type of vehicle (passenger car, goods vehicle, motorcycle, moped, bike/bicycle), 
e) alcohol content,
f) not adapting speed to the traffic conditions,
  • information about casualties, including:
a) type: (driver/rider, passenger, pedestrian),
b) severity (dead on the spot of the accident, dead within 30 days, seriously injured, slightly injured),
c) age (according to the age group or selected freely),
d) gender,
e) type of vehicle (passenger car, goods vehicle, motorcycle, moped, bike/cycle). 
After selecting appropriate  group of accidents, there are presented on the map. Information from the map is supplemented with numerical data in tabular form from the POBR database (with the possibility of downloading them in various formats for further analysis).
Database on road accidents - contains table and numerical data which are complementary with the Interactive Map of road accidents. Depending on the needs, data can be obtained for the whole of Poland or for an individual voivodship, county, municipality, city. POBR’ database gives the opportunity to select an appropriate group of accidents to be displayed on the map. To determine the criteria for selecting a group of accidents, the database is equipped with filtering mechanisms to obtain data on road accidents throughout Poland since 2010, as well as the basic indicators needed to conduct road safety analyzes. The tables contain the following data:
  • Information about the area selected for analysis: 
a) area/size of selected administrative units, 
b) road lengths of individual categories for selected administrative units (full data available for voivodships, for counties only counties and municipalities roads, no data for municipalities and cities),
c) total number of inhabitants/population and in selected 10 age group, 
d) the number of registered vehicles in total and by main vehicle categories: passenger cars, any goods vehicles, busses, motorcycle, mopeds (data available for voivodships and countries and provincial cities, no data for cities and municipalities);
Note: the total number of registered vehicles for the "Number of registered vehicles" category is not the sum of the number of vehicles in the category: „Passenger cars’, „Any goods vehicles”, „Busses”, „Motorcycles”, „Mopeds”. “The number of registered vehicles” includes: (as defined by the Central Statistical Office of Poland) registered motorcycles, passenger cars, trollies, busses, emergency vehicles, any goods vehicles (goods vehicles under 3.5t mgw and goods vehicle over 3.5t mgw; with trailer and without trailer) and agricultural vehicles; excluding slow moving vehicles included tourist cable cars and vehicles referred to as the type of vehicle: “other vehicle” (quad and light quad), as well as without mopeds, motor-less vehicles i.e. trailers and semi-trailers; 
e) the basic indicators for the selected area (fatality rate per 100 000  inhabitants, fatality rate per 100 accidents, car ownership rate).
  • information on the number of accidents and casualties (selected by type of severity) according to selected parameters:
  • data comparison on the number of accidents and casualties (selected by the type of severity) by setting a filter “Area of analysis” for administrative units with selected parameters,
  • risk rating comparison (fatality rate per 100 000  inhabitants, fatality rate per 100 accidents, car ownership rate) for administrative units set by  filter “Area of analysis” (without selected parameters).
Data can be downloaded in one of the available formats: json, xml, csv, txt, MS-Excel, pdf, which enables making analysis of obtained data using other programs, e.g. spreadsheets.


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